December 10, 2019 2 min read

Think about the way you see tablets being used in business environments today. More and more, we’re seeing the shift, within businesses, away from a 1:1 deployment model to a Single-Use, Multi-User (SUMU) deployment model. 


Visitor sign-in at reception, retail or hospitality POS, waitstaff taking orders, self-service kiosks, customer satisfaction surveys, infotainment screens in public places and patient registration at medical centres are all great examples where we seeSUMU deployments of tablets – and of course there are millions more...


Essentially – The tablet ‘belongs’ to a specific use or task, rather than to a single staff member or user and is used by multiple people for this task.


TheseSUMU tablet deployments – whether customer facing, employee facing, or for point of sale transactions – demand different solutions than 1:1 deployments. 


While most technology products today are designed and built for the individual, rather than a shared business environment we, at Axil Design Co., are entirely focused on these shared business environments and building solutions to help businesses maximise productivity, ensure ease of use and ultimately protect and deliver a return on a business’ IT investment.


When choosing solutions to support your tablet deployment inSUMU environments, you’ll need to consider not only security and theft prevention of the devices, but also to ensure that your chosen solutions are strong and robust enough to stand up to the daily grind of use by many different people, who might not treat devices with the same care and respect as they might in a 1:1 deployment. 


Our product range is purpose-built to secure and protect digital devices, while helping businesses to embrace mobility, digitise manual processes and ultimately transform what are traditionally considered consumer devices into powerful business tools.



100mm/200mm Curved Post Mount with Aura Enclosure for Galaxy Tab A 10.1”

Flip Mount with Aura Enclosure for Surface Pro 

400mm Single/Dual Post Mount with Aura Enclosures for iPad Pro 12.9” & iPad 10.2”